Agriculture Fencing

Protect Your Farmland With Non-Toxic Crop Production Aids

Well constructed crop production aids like agriculture posts and wood stakes are essential for any farming property. Without high quality supplies, protecting your precious produce can become an incredible headache. There are a number of factors that can disrupt the growth of your crops and affect your business in the long run. You may have trouble preventing insects from degrading your wood fence stakes or you may find that the toxic treatments used on your conventional lumber might be damaging your harvest. Locating great wood fencing supplies that are protected from insects but also has the added benefit of being treated with non-toxic chemical substances, with an option for a total certified organic treatment, can be difficult to come by, but thanks to Woodguard, you can easily find the best agricultural supplies possible.

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White Agriculture Fence Stakes

Wine Grapes Held Up By White Agricultural Fence Posts

Brown Grape Stake

Secure Your Produce With Strong Wooden Stakes and Poles

At Woodguard, we know how important it is for you to have access to strong, low maintenance, stakes and poles that will secure your produce. Leaving your crops exposed to the potential consequences of conventional lumber and PVC can be disastrous for your business. Using less structural products like vinyl PVC materials and lumber components that will easily degrade won’t be effective in securing your farmland. These materials aren’t structural, are prone to popping out when enough force is applied, and will degrade significantly over time. This will lead to high maintenance costs and wasted time spent on making repairs. Traditionally, the best material used to secure produce in your garden or field is wood. Woodguard’s wooden crop production aids will eliminate the need to perform regular maintenance. The polymer coating on every one of Woodguard’s lumber products dramatically increases the lifespan of a wooden stake or pole, and will maintain its great looks for years. You can feel confident in its ability to protect your farm from infuriating pests and keep your crops secure for years.

Protect Your Produce With Non-Toxic or Organic Lumber Treatments

Treated lumber for agricultural use can harm the quality of your crops. It can hinder their growth, affect their taste, and affect the way it looks when they are fully grown. The treatments used on typical lumber products to prevent early chipping, fading, and degradation consist of harmful chemicals that can harm your produce. It can ruin your yield, harm the consumers, and damage the environment.

Utilizing building materials treated with chemicals other than poison will protect your produce, consumers, and the environment. Woodguard provides the non-toxic building materials you need to produce a sustainable grape stake fence or barn fence. We also offer the option of certified organic agricultural supplies to organic farmers. Fruits and vegetables raised in a non-toxic environment have a much better taste and provide more nutritional value than those raised around harmful chemicals. With Woodguard, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your crops degrading because we use an environmentally friendly treatment for your agriculture needs. Our product is then covered in a polymer blend for additional protection. You can feel comfortable knowing that the chemicals will never come into contact with your produce.

Low Maintenance Lumber For Agriculture

Conventional lumber requires regular maintenance to be effective. Unlike regular wood, Woodguard’s polymer coated lumber products never need painting, sanding, sealing, or staining. There’s also no need to worry about warping, twisting, splintering, bending, or splitting because of the reinforced polymer coating and our patented “weld-on” caps that seal the ends of the boards to keep moisture out. Woodguard’s ability to maintain its durable structure throughout its lifespan is unmatched.

Freedom To Personalize Your Fences

Woodguard’s lumber products can be modified just as easily as conventional lumber. There’s absolutely no need for special tools to saw, drill, nail, or install Woodguard products. Each component we produce comes in a stock white or black color. If you want to add a unique touch to your farm so that it will stand out, we offer special colors on a quote basis.

Benefits Of Woodguard’s Plastic Coating

The crop production aids we provide for your agricultural demands are produced with the only coating on the market that is infused with Ultratech UV ultra-violet light blockers. These blockers are highly beneficial in the prevention of fading, chipping, peeling, cracking, splintering, and the degradation of the polymer itself. We use an exclusive blend of two COPolymer polyethylenes, which forms the strongest, most durable finish available when applied under heat and pressure. Our coating is more than tough enough to withstand an impact from a charging animal and even hold its composure against an hammer impact at a temperature of -30 degrees without cracking or splitting.

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