Why Woodguard?

Durable Polymer Coated Lumber Products

There are a number of great reasons why Woodguard is the ideal choice for your next building project. Our products are protected from the harsh effects of the environment, non-toxic, and you don’t need any special tools to nail, saw, or customize your horse fencing and playground designs. This means that your animals will stay contained and safe for years to come. We can provide the material you need to build an outstanding horse fencing, playset, or crop production aids.

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Low Maintenance

Woodguard’s coated lumber will resist damage from moisture and sunlight thus maintaining strength, attractiveness, and color for many years. You will never need to paint, stain, seal or sand. Woodguard’s patented process protects our products from rotting, splintering and warping so you will never spend time or money replacing rotted, uneven or termite-damaged boards.

Fuses The Strength of Lumber and The Durability of Plastic

Our company slogan says it all! With Woodguard’s building materials, you can rely on the solid wood core to provide a strong base and the exterior polymer coating for added durability. This makes us an ideal partner for when you’re starting a horse fencing project of any size. Our high level of durability means you can install your horse fencing and feel confident that it will withstand a variety of weather conditions and other extraneous factors.

Breakdown Of The Woodguard Covering

The Strength of Wood

Woodguard’s polymer coated lumber products have a solid wood core that doesn’t require any extra reinforcements or support. Our structural components are treated against termites and dry rot by our patented process which utilizes a patented non-toxic borate wood treatment. The wood core provides the structural integrity needed to build structures, products, and fences. Professional installers will tell you that the strength of a fence is determined by the structural connection made between the post and rails. Our products are built with the utmost attention to structural quality and will out-perform any other low-maintenance component available.

Durability of Engineered Plastic

Woodguard is the only coating on the market with ultratech UV ultra violet light blockers, which protect the polymer exterior from degrading. The coating is so tough that it will not split or crack in extreme temperatures. You’re also backed by our 20-year warranty, which provides absolute protection from fading, cracking, splitting, splintering and more.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Every one of Woodguard’s polymer coated lumber products and composite products are splinter free. Since all of our products are low maintenance, they dramatically reduce the need to repair and replace damaged parts. Whether you’re building a wooden playset, equestrian fencing, or agricultural aids, you can rest easy knowing that your children, animals, and crops will remain safe with our patented non-toxic treatment.

Place More Focus on Your Business

We have invented a process that turns wood into beautiful, low-maintenance material that allows you to focus on more important aspects of your business. Wood has always been widely accepted as the best building material because it is easy to use, strong, and inexpensive. We take all the hassle out of owning a wooden structure because you never have to perform maintenance on it again.

Lower Cost

Research shows that over the course of 5 years, it costs approximately 40% of the original purchase price to maintain a typical outdoor wood structure. Utilizing Woodguard’s low-maintenance building products will eliminate excessive maintenance costs which will allow you to relax, save time, and most importantly, save money.

Protection From The Environment

Normal lumber will eventually warp, bend, twist, and split as the wood dries out. Our unique process of applying the polymer coating over the wood provides unparalleled protection from the environment. We seal the ends of our lumber with our patented “weld-on” end caps to seal moisture inside. The resulting product is a structural building component that will not warp, twist, bend, or split.

Experience The Difference Woodguard Makes

For over 30 years we have supplied building materials for horse fencing, agricultural aids, and wooden playground components to farmers, manufacturers, and dealers across the nation. We want you to experience the benefits of low maintenance building materials for your playsets, fences, and structures as well. To truly understand the difference Woodguard makes, learn more about our strong wood core and polymer blend.

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