About Us

Developing Non-Toxic Building Materials Since 1978

For over 30 years, Woodguard has provided innovative, non-toxic, and low-maintenance, outdoor building products to consumers nationwide. In fact, we have been supplying building materials since 1978, making us the oldest, most established manufacturers of low-maintenance lumber products in the world! Because of the wooden core in every one of our components, Woodguard is the only low-maintenance product that can be used like wood. All of our products are backed by a 20 year warranty against yellowing, chipping, cracking, rotting, splintering, and peeling. Our main product line features:

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  • Equestrian Fencing

    We develop building materials for your equestrian and privacy fencing project that’s great for keeping your horses safely contained. The strength of the wood is enough to keep them from breaking through the structure, and the polymer coating will protect them from the harmful splinters that normally form in conventional wooden fencing.

  • Agricultural Stakes and Posts

    We supply non-toxic crop production aids with the option to use certified organic treatments. The treatments will keep your wood protected from insects and maintain its great look. The added protection of the polymer blend will also prevent any contact between the treatment and your crops.

  • Wooden Playground Components

    For years, Woodguard has provided playground components to contractors who build playsets with the highest attention to safety in mind. We have a long history of working with playground manufacturers, including KidWise Outdoor Products, Inc. and Swing-n-Slide, who build safe wooden playsets that will keep children safe for years.

Internal Research and Development

Our corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and our internationally known research and development departments are located in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Woodguard’s patented process is completed in this state-of-the-art production facility, and our quality inspection process guarantees that each board will meet our exacting specifications. Through our research, we have developed a low-maintenance product that will save our consumers plenty of time and money. Unlike regular wood, Woodguard’s polymer coated lumber products will never need painting, sanding, sealing, or staining. It will maintain it’s great look year after year.

About The Polymer Blend

Woodguard’s polymer blend is the only coating on the market that is made with Ultratech UV ultraviolet light blockers, which protect the engineered plastic coating from fading, chipping, peeling, cracking, splintering, and prevents the deterioration of the polymer altogether. We use an exclusive blend of Woodguard CO-P2, which consists of two CO-Polymer polyethylenes. When applied under heat and pressure, it creates a tough and highly durable finish.

About our Wood

Each piece of lumber provided by Woodguard is carefully manufactured and graded by licensed WWPA inspectors. Our lumber goes through the Woodguard patented process that includes a non-toxic borate treatment that fully protects the post against dry rot, termites and other factors throughout its life. The environmentally friendly treatment will not leach into the soil, and after coating, the protective, non-toxic, borate compound remains sealed in with the wood for life. SPF grade lumber is made up of spruce, pine, or fir and is used in all of our structural applications where building codes are required.

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Our Dealers Distribute Lumber Products Nationwide

Woodguard products ship to all 50 states as well as internationally. Woodguard products are available through our nationwide network of distributors and dealer/contractors. To find a dealer near you, contact us and we will assist you in acquiring Woodguard’s innovative building materials to build a picket fence, swing set, fencing for your livestock, stakes and posts for agriculture, and more.

We Take Pride In Our Work

We take great pride in the fact that we manufacture our low-maintenance outdoor building products from multiple components to create exceptional building materials at the lowest possible cost to our consumers. We are dedicated to the continued development of low-maintenance products so that our consumers can shift their focus from maintenance to other, more important, aspects of their business.

About Our Company

Woodguard has been in the business of developing high quality wholesale lumber products for equestrian fencing, agricultural aids, and playground structures for over 30 years. We provide lumber products to businesses and residential contractors throughout the nation and we have the resources necessary to deliver the materials you need to complete your playground or fencing project. We are dedicated to providing a more cost effective and durable alternative to conventional wood, vinyl, steel, and concrete products that requires very little maintenance. Even the most durable species of lumber deteriorate from insect exposure and dry rot decay. Woodguard’s lumber is treated with a non-toxic, inert borate compound to protect against these threats and is then coated with a UV stabilized plastic blend that gives our hardwood its superior strength, lifespan, and durability. You can feel confident in our product’s ability to withstand the harsh effects of the environment and maintain its great appearance for years to come.

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