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Agriculture Fencing Made Out Of Lumber Wood

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Playground and Fencing Contractors

For over 30 years, Woodguard has been a leading manufacturer of low maintenance building materials for fences, crop production aids, and playground equipment. We supply playground and fencing contractors the supplies necessary to build exceptional wooden fences and playsets. We know that the strength of a wooden playset and fence lies in the structural nature of the core in every component. At the core of every piece of Woodguard is a sturdy piece of lumber that provides its structural qualities and an engineered plastic exterior that significantly extends its lifespan. Fusing these two components together creates a durable product that is guaranteed to last 20 years without any required maintenance. As a contractor, you can feel confident in recommending woodguard for any fence or playset design because of it’s unmatched durability and sustainability.

Customizable Building Materials For Contractors

We understand that contractors who opt for alternative supplies have to deal with building materials that require special tools to customize and construct a project. Unlike other components, Woodguard doesn’t need any special tools to complete the task. It saws and cuts just like wood, so you don’t have to spend any extra time learning how to build something with materials you aren’t familiar with. It will save you time and your clients will be pleased with the benefits of a low maintenance structure.

Providing Low Maintenance Supplies Throughout The Nation

We are proud to supply low maintenance building supplies to playground and fencing contractors, and farmers throughout the nation. With our low maintenance lumber, you can construct highly durable fencing, crop production aids, and playsets that are guaranteed to last for 20 years without any required maintenance. Your clients will be pleased with the outcome and love that they won’t have to perform any extra maintenance, such as repairs and painting.