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Agriculture Fencing Made Out Of Lumber Wood

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Picket Fences

Do you want to build a great looking picket fence to increase the aesthetics of your farm or horse ranch? Picket fences will look great and when they’re built from the right materials, it will serve as an excellent layer of protection for your crops and animals. If you want fencing materials that are built with the highest attention to detail then you’ll want to work with a fence company that is well-known for producing exceptional building materials for fences. Since 1978, Woodguard has been the leading provider of high quality building materials throughout the nation. We are dedicated to providing farmers and horse ranchers the the materials they need to build the best fencing structures possible. We effectively combine the strength of wood with the sustainability of plastic to produce the most durable product available. We’ll even send you a free sample so you can experience the difference in person.

Customize The Look Of Your Picket Fence

Unlike other low maintenance building materials, Woodguard doesn’t need any special tools to saw, nail, drill, or install. You can freely customize your picket fence without having to worry about supplies you aren’t familiar with. We also offer a varied color selection upon request.

Durable Building Materials Built To Last

We proudly deliver durable building materials that are built to last. We have the available resources to fill any order on time and with excellent service. You can feel confident knowing that you won’t have to perform excessive maintenance to protect your product and you’ll even save a lot of time and money in the long run.