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Barn Fence

Are you searching for an excellent fencing company that can deliver superior fencing materials and production aids for your agricultural needs? Woodguard is a leading provider of innovative, low maintenance agricultural supplies that you can use to construct exceptional fencing for your agricultural use. Since 1978, we have supplied farmers with high quality building materials that are guaranteed to last 20 years. We have a unique process of combining wood with a polymer exterior to create a product that has the structural integrity of wood with the durability of plastic. Sealed within the plastic coating is an non-toxic borate compound that effectively repels pests without harming the environment and your produce. With Woodguard, you can create high quality fencing structures that are suitable for all of your agricultural demands.

Non-Toxic or Certified Organic Barn Supplies

We are a proud provider of non-toxic or certified organic lumber supplies for barns. We help farmers throughout the nation by supplying superior building materials that will keep their crops protected from pest without harmful toxic treatments. We know how important your crops are to your livelihood so we work hard to produce the high quality building materials you expect.

Experience More Success With Reliable Barn Fencing

At Woodguard, helping businesses achieve greater success is important. We happily provide excellent building materials that are low maintenance so that you can save time and money from having to paint, sand, or repair your fencing structures. You can focus the extra resources on more important aspects of your business and experience more success.