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Dependable Farm Fencing

Searching for dependable fencing materials for farms to protect your crops? If you’re having trouble locating acceptable building supplies for your agricultural fence then rest easy knowing that Woodguard has you covered. For 30 years, we have been a leading provider of low maintenance building materials across the nation. Through our innovative process of combining polymer with lumber, we have created a structural product that fuses the strength of wood with the durability of plastic. We also utilize a non-toxic borate compound to keep your produce protected from pests. Our building materials for farm fencing structures are guaranteed for 20 years and they are protected from yellowing, peeling, fading, and cracking. You can even request a free sample of Woodguard to experience the difference in quality with your own hands.

Non-Toxic and Certified Organic Farm Fencing

We take pride in delivering non-toxic or organic farm fencing materials to farmers throughout the nation. We know that your crops are your livelihood and with the help of Woodguard, you can keep them protected from pests without having to worry about harmful chemical treatments that will degrade the quality of your produce. Unlike conventional lumber, Woodguard will keep your crops and livestock protected for years without having to commit to regular maintenance.

Low Maintenance Fencing For Farms

Keeping a well maintained fence shouldn’t require a large time commitment and excessive costs. We want to help you experience more success with low maintenance agriculture and animal fencing. The time and money you save from utilizing Woodguard’s lumber products will allow you to reallocate those resources to other aspects of your business.