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Woodguard has been the leading provider of low maintenance crop production aids and fencing materials for over 30 years. Since opening our doors in 1978, we have been the driving force behind durable building materials that are built to last. We have skillfully developed a unique blend of polymer coated building supplies that can be used to construct incredible field fencing structures with the ability to last for years. We know that most people opt to use conventional lumber products and PVC piping because of cost but the time you spend on performing maintenance to keep them functional will add up over time. With Woodguard, you can feel confident knowing that your fence will not give in to the harmful effects of the environment and is guaranteed to last for 20 years without having to perform regular maintenance.

Non-Toxic or Certified Organic Supplies For Fields

We pride ourselves on being a top provider of non-toxic crop production aids and fencing supplies for fields. We even offer certified organic treatments for every one of our products. We understand that your crops are highly important to your business and livelihood, so we do our best to help you keep them protected. With our certified organic borate compound, Woodguard products effectively repels pests and leaves everything else unharmed.

Long Lasting Field Fencing

We are excited to give farmers access to superior low maintenance fencing options. Maintaining a fence built from typical lumber products and PVC is a huge commitment that requires a lot of time and money. With Woodguard, you won’t have to worry about performing regular maintenance because our long lasting field fencing materials are built to last for years.