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White Grape Stake Fences

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Grape Stake Fence

Excellent fencing can be hard to come by. How many times have you come across fencing manufacturers that promise low maintenance lumber products or PVC supplies that are just as good as wood just to find out their promises were false? Unlike other fencing companies, Woodguard is a driving force behind innovative, low maintenance fencing products that stand the test of time. For over 30 years, we have provided farmers with the building materials they need to construct low maintenance fencing that is guaranteed to last 20 years. Through our unique process of adding a polymer exterior to every piece of lumber, we have effectively developed a product that combines the strength of lumber with the long lasting sustainability of plastic. We also utilize a non-toxic borate compound to keep your lumber safe and secure your produce. With Woodguard, you can construct superior crop production aids for all of your agricultural needs.

Non-Toxic and Certified Organic Grape Stake Lumber

We proudly provide non-toxic or certified organic grape stake fencing supplies to farmers throughout the nation. We understand that the protection and quality of your crops contribute to your business’ success and with our help, you can keep your produce protected from pest without having to worry about the harmful chemical treatments you’ll expose your crops to with other products.

Enhance Your Business With Polymer Coated Grape Stake Lumber

We are excited to help you enhance your business with a polymer coated grape stake fence. We believe in helping business owners experience even greater success with freedom from regular maintenance. With Woodguard, you no longer have to paint, sand, or repair your product because the polymer coat and lumber core are guaranteed to last 20 years. You can use the extra time to focus on more important priorities.