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Low Maintenance Wood Stakes For Agriculture

Are you looking for the best low maintenance wood stakes to build high quality agriculture fencing that won’t degrade and will keep your crops safe? If your search is not going as you planned, then Woodguard has your back. As a leading distributor of low maintenance wood stakes for agriculture, we have a lot of experience giving farmers exactly what they need. Through our innovative technique of combining engineered plastic with lumber, we have developed a unique product that combines the strength of wood with the durability of plastic. All of our lumber components come treated with a non-toxic borate compound, has the option to go fully certified organic. When you use Woodguard, you’re guaranteed 20 years of protection against any unexpected accidents. If you want to experience the difference Woodguard makes in person, you can even request a free sample by giving us a call.

Non-Toxic and Certified Organic Wood Stakes

We supply non-toxic and organic wood stakes to farmers across the nation. We know how important your crops are to your livelihood and with the help of Woodguard, you can protect them from pests without thinking about the effects of the lumber treatment. Unlike typical lumber products that are treated with toxic chemicals, Woodguard will keep your produce and animals protected for years without having to perform consistent maintenance.

Long Lasting Wood Stakes For Agriculture

Maintaining a great looking fence should not take a lot of time and money. We want to help you enhance your company with long lasting wood stakes that won’t easily degrade. With Woodguard, you no longer have to worry about performing repairs and painting. You can use the extra time to focus on other aspects of your business and generate more success.