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Benefits of Polymer Coated Lumber For Playgrounds

For parents who invest in residential playgrounds, there’s always one thing on their minds; will my child be safe on the playsets we buy? Child safety is one of the most important things playground manufacturers must keep in mind when building playsets for children. If you utilize low quality building materials on your project, your clients will start to associate your business with poor products, and you’ll experience a higher rate of returns on the structures you sell. As a result, you’ll do less business and you’ll surely experience decreased interest in your company.

How Will Polymer Coated Lumber Enhance Playgrounds?

There are plenty of available components that playground manufacturers can use to build playgrounds, however, you should remember that not all components are made equal. The quality of each of those components can determine the overall quality of the end product. Since the most important feature in any playset is optimal stability and durability, you should use components that embody those two features. Families don’t want to perform constant maintenance on their products, nor do they want to send their items back for repairs. If you use conventional lumber products or metal for your playsets, there will surely be downtime to perform maintenance, and the family who makes an investment in your product won’t be too pleased about the inconvenience. Using conventional lumber products and metal can hinder their experience, but if you use polymer coated building materials to enhance your playgrounds, they’ll be able to reap the low maintenance benefits it offers.

Low Maintenance

Conventional lumber and metal building materials require a lot of maintenance to remain functional. Overtime, lumber starts to develop dry rot and will even begin to crack and peel. Not only is this an eyesore, but it can also be unsafe for children to play around. Metal requires constant care to remain functional and prevent rust. Polymer coated lumber is protected from dry rot, cracks, and peels, and will continue to remain functional without very little maintenance. When you build structures that use polymer coated building materials, your structures will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Your Playsets Will Look Great For Years

Even if the playset is functional, if it’s not pleasing to the eye, you’re likely to hear from your client, and it won’t be pretty. Nobody wants a product that appears to be rotting away from exposure to the environment. Polymer coated lumber fixes this issue. The wood is sealed inside and protected from the harmful effects of moisture and changing weather. You can assure your customers that their playgrounds will look great for years to come.

Build Better Playgrounds With Polymer Coated Lumber

As a playground manufacturer, building better playgrounds should be your highest priority. When you use durable building materials like polymer coated lumber, the playsets you build will be more stable, durable, and fun. You will appeal to more families who want safe playsets, and you’ll do more business. And when you do more business, And when you do more business, you and your employees will be happier.

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