Two Kids Smiling on Durable Playground built with Woodguard Building Materials

Building Playgrounds: Finding The Right Materials

Contrary to what many people might think, construction companies can actually explore other business ventures outside of just large buildings or homes. A great opportunity that any versatile contractor can pursue is playground construction. While most homes will typically get the smaller kits that can be purchased at large chain depot stores, construction companies can work on private projects for schools and the city, which requires much more planning and proper execution.

Why The Rights Materials Matter When Building Playgrounds

If you’re considering the possibility of a playground construction project, one of the most important aspects of the planning process is sourcing all the necessary materials. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help your project succeed.

Safety First

When you start looking at different suppliers or companies to purchase your playground building materials from, safety should be one of your top priorities. By nature, playgrounds are going to be primarily used by children, so every aspect of their construction needs to be extremely well thought out, from the overall design to even the smallest screw. A company that has a good reputation amongst your peers in the industry is going to serve you better than a freshly founded organization. All the materials they supply shouldn’t present any noticeable or distinct hazards. This means no hazards in the construction process, and also no problems once the project is complete and it starts to get used by kids of all ages. The safety of the primary users should really always be one of your biggest concerns, which means they (and their parents) can feel better about using the playground.


Another important aspect of the planning of and building of playgrounds is making sure that any materials you invest in are multi-purpose. Even though there are going to be some unique pieces as part of the project, the most cost-effective means of construction is making sure that you can utilize parts in a number of different ways. The more ‘one-off’ pieces you need to get, the higher the price of the project will be, the the less room you will have for error. In any type of construction project, whether it’s a home, an apartment complex, or even a playground, there are always going to be a few setbacks as you build it out. By designing around pieces that are more versatile, you’ll help keep overall project costs down without sacrificing overall quality.


Finally, any building materials you end up using with playgrounds should be extremely durable, and be able withstand a number of different of elements. For some places in the country, this means needing to stand up to sun, rain, sleet, snow, ice, and pretty much everything in between. Besides putting up with the elements, you also want all of the various materials to stand up to sustained use form all those kids! Once you install a community playground, it should be a gathering place for families with kids of all ages, and you always want to make sure that they have the most fun possible.

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