Polymer Coated Agriculture Fencing Can Be Beneficial to Your Business 04-10-2016

2 Benefits of Polymer Coated Agriculture Fencing

Every farmer needs access to well constructed agriculture fencing. High quality crop production aids like agricultural posts, rails, and wooden stakes are essential to maintaining a prosperous and well kempt farm. If you don’t use the right supplies to build the structures you need to maintain your farm, you’ll run into a series of obstacles that can cause serious headaches.

Why you should use Polymer Coated Lumber for Agriculture Fencing

Polymer coated lumber products offer the best combination of wood and engineered plastic. Plastic has an extremely durable structure that won’t rot or degrade and lumber is strong enough to survive impacts from large animals in the wild. Combining the two components is a highly effective way to create low maintenance agriculture fencing that will last for a long time. Through a unique process designed to combine the best features of both products, polymer coated lumber products were created to satisfy the needs of farmers all around.

1. Add More Focus to Your Business

Polymer coated lumber is a low maintenance building component that is unlike any other on the market. By combining the durability of plastic and the strength of lumber, you get a product that will last for years without having to commit to a lot of maintenance that you would have to do with other products on the market. If you run a farm and you’re tired of having to fix broken posts and railings, investing in a low maintenance fencing structure for agriculture will help you save time that you can use to add more focus to your business and experience even greater success. With polymer coated building materials, you won’t have to worry about the weakness that come with conventional lumber and PVC products.

Avoid Dry Rot and Decay

When lumber products are exposed to the harsh elements of the environment, they begin to degrade in a way that is hazardous and unpleasing to the eye. When lumber develops dry rot and decay, it begins to crack, split, and break apart. If you have animals, plants, or children around, it can cause harm to anything that comes into contact with it.

2. Non-Toxic Treatments Will Keep Your Produce Protected

Conventional lumber products are commonly treated with toxic chemicals to protect them from insects and degradation. If not contained, these chemicals will have harmful effects on the environment and everything around it. Polymer coated lumber for agricultural fencing isn’t only treated with non-toxic chemicals to keep the components protected, the chemical itself is sealed inside the coat so that anything like fruits, vegetables, or people, that come into contact with it are protected from the treatment.

Make Your Agriculture Fencing Better With Polymer Coated Lumber

A fence company like Woodguard has exceptional quality building materials to satisfy your agricultural needs. With polymer-coated lumber, your fencing structures will outlast conventional wood and PVC structures and keep your precious produce protected from insects and animals. Woodguard’s low maintenance and durable lumber will also survive in extreme climates and remain durable throughout its lifespan.

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