Stake Your Grape Vines with Agriculture Fencing to Help Them Flourish

Why Use Agriculture Fencing To Stake Your Plants?

Using Agriculture Fencing To Help Your Plants Grow

Using agriculture fencing, like wood stakes, can help your plants grow into larger, more bountiful crops. However, not every plant needs to be staked and not every plant should be staked. If plants are prematurely staked it can prevent trunk developments and damage roots.

While not every plant or crop needs to be staked, many plants can benefit from agriculture fencing. Stakes can provide the support crops need to produce bigger bounties, earlier harvests, and healthier crops.

Provides More Space To Grow

By staking your plants, you are creating more space for growth. Instead of letting your plants sprawl horizontally and wildly consume your garden, agriculture fencing helps your plants grow up. This helps you organize your garden or field with the most fruit bearing potential.

Additionally, if you allow your plants to grow wildly the vines can grow and choke out other plants, either killing them or diminishing their fruit bearing capacity. By staking your plants you give them a guide on where to grow, so they don’t damage your other less aggressive plants.

Produces Bigger Plants

In addition to guiding their growth, staking your plants also helps your plants grow bigger. When your plants grow vertically instead of horizontally, they aren’t covered in shade by leaves and other plants. Instead, they are able to receive more light on more of their blossoms and leaves. This stimulates photosynthesis and energy production that will help the plant grow to its maximum potential.

If you prune your plants in addition to staking them, your plants will be able to focus their energy on growing. By trimming dying or unnecessary leaves and branches you help your plant focus its energy on the limbs you want to grow. This means trees can grow taller, tomatoes can grow larger, and flowers can blossom. Pruning can be a fruitful addition to your staking practices.

Produces Earlier Harvests

Staking your plants positively affects our harvests. Not only does using agriculture fencing create more space and bigger plants, but it also produces earlier fruits. When the plant has more space to absorb light and more energy to use, the flowers, fruits, and vegetables grow larger, more quickly and can produce earlier harvests. Simply put, more sun equals more energy which creates bigger plants sooner. For farms and vineyards a speedier harvest season can make all the difference.

Produces Healthier Fruits

Agricultural fencing can also keep your plants safer and healthier, in addition to helping them grow larger and not overrun your garden. When you keep plants off the ground it is much harder for pests to attack and damage crops. It also prevents perfectly good crops from rotting on the ground and infecting the rest of the plant. Staking your plants prevents disease in two ways. The extra space increases air circulation, preventing the disease from spreading and also keeps fruit from rotting. By staking your plants you also decrease the chance of having deformed plants caused by constricted growing spaces that are highly susceptible to rot and disease.

Find Better Lumber For Agriculture Fencing

Quality matters, even for your plants. Woodguard has low maintenance, high quality lumber with special UV technology that allows your plants to grow to their biggest potential. Built to last, our stakes can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and several harvest seasons. Save time and money by replacing your low quality materials with high quality fencing.

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