Horse Protected By Electric Horse Fence

What Electric Horse Fencing Protects Your Horse From

Electric Horse Fencing is the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Horses, though powerful, strong, and beautiful, are as vulnerable as any other animal to the elements. There are are many things that pose a danger to your beloved horses, and the best way to protect them is to keep them away from the things to which they are vulnerable. In many ways, having domestic animals is like having children, except children go to college. Your horses will need healthy food to eat, clean water to drink, a warm place to sleep, and an eduction. Your horses will even have their own personalities, and you’ll build lots of fun memories with all of them! Protect these memories by protecting your horses with an electric fence. The things that can happen to them may shock some.

Access to Poison Plants

You don’t bother manicuring your pastures, and that’s totally fine, but you do make sure that there aren’t any poisonous plants on your pastures, either. You do this to make sure that your horse doesn’t get sick. Without proper fencing, a wandering horse can find their way into all sorts of trouble, including consuming plants that may cause them harm. Poisonous plants may cause dizziness, nausea, and lethargy. There are plants that are lethal to horses, too, so it is imperative that you install fencing that will keep them where they are safe.


There are hundreds of people who would steal any one thing, and horses are no exception. Horses have been used for hundreds of years for their labor, and it is possible that your horse could be targeted for theft by any number of ill-intentioned people for any reason. Fencing your horse in will make them less vulnerable to theft. With a barrier between a thief and your beloved horse, you can sleep a little easier.

Mountain Lions

Like any other grazing animal, horses have predators. Horses have limited means of fighting back against sharp teeth and claws, as their primary defense is their ability to run. This is little help if your horse encounters a mountain lion, though. While a mountain lion would never approach a group of horses, they won’t hesitate to go after one that has wandered out of insecure fencing.


While it is possible for a horse to outrun a bear, there is no guarantee, and a horse represents quite a meal for a bear. Look out for your horse especially during early spring, when bears are coming out of hibernation, and are very hungry. Bears with cubs are especially eager to take down large prey that will feed mother and cubs.


To be clear, fencing does not guarantee that your horse will never have to live with parasites. Fleas, ticks, and mites are all parasites, and they can thrive in any grassy or wooded area. Hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms are all out there, and can cause serious internal and external damage to your beautiful horse, but making sure that their range is limited by their fence is a way to limit the possibility that they will come in contact with a devastating parasite.

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