Horse Fencing is an Essential Aspect of a Successful Farm Business 05-10-2016

How to Enhance Your Business With Horse Fencing

As an equestrian rancher, your livestock is one of the most important aspects of your business. So what happens when you build a fence out of cheap components that will degrade over time or even cause harm to your animals? You put the main thing at risk that you have worked so hard to maintain; your business as a whole. If you run a farm, horse fencing is a necessary component to running a successful business. Without the proper fence, your horses will not be properly secure and you’ll expose them to potential life threatening dangers.

Top Ways Low Maintenance Horse Fencing Will Enhance Your Business

Not all building materials are made equal. Like with any other products, there are some materials that are built to the lowest of standards, and others that are created with care and attention to detail. Utilizing low quality building materials to construct your fence can be detrimental to your business and cause a lot of problems. To enhance your business and experience more success, take a look at the top ways building a low maintenance horse fence will help you.

Low Maintenance Horse Fencing is Highly Durable

Having a fence that is incredibly durable and capable of sustaining itself in a harsh environment is crucial to running a successful equestrian business. Building a fence out of conventional lumber products or PVC will be detrimental to the success of your business. Utilizing high quality building materials like polymer coated lumber to construct a fence will keep your livestock safely secure for years. Polymer coated fencing doesn’t degrade like conventional lumber and it is much stronger than PVC. It combines the best of both worlds and almost none of the negatives.

Conventional Lumber Products

Conventional lumber is strong but as time progresses, it will begin to degrade and rot. Degrading lumber often generates cracks and splinters that can be harmful to your horses. If they run into a splinter, they can be badly injured.

PVC Products

PVC is a long lasting product if the conditions are correct, but it isn’t nearly as strong as lumber. A horse can easily run through the weaker PVC structures and escape, never to be seen again. In extreme temperatures, PVC is also known to buckle, bend, and warp. It’s weaknesses outweigh its benefits and would not be a viable component for building fences.

Save Your Precious Time and Money With Low Maintenance Building Materials

Conventional building materials won’t only harm your animals, they can also harm your business. The amount of maintenance you have to perform on typical lumber and PVC products can equal about 40% of the initial cost of your fence within 5 years. Whether it comes in the form of painting, performing repairs, or finding replacements for broken parts, maintenance will take up a lot of your precious time and money. With low maintenance building materials, you’ll save your precious resources and you’ll be able to refocus them on other aspects of your business. You’ll generate more success and live a happier life.

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