Finding A Horse Fencing Company You Can Trust

Finding A Horse Fencing Company You Can Trust

What Goes Into Finding a Horse Fencing Company?

Regardless of your specific business, whether you’re a farmer, a stable owner, or you work closely with horses, their protection should always be of the utmost importance. This is why any type of fencing you utilize needs to be chosen carefully, since there are a number of implications involved.

If you’re new to the industry, or you’ve had issues in the past finding dependable materials, it’s probably wise to partner up with a horse fencing company that can guide you through the larger process. However, that also take a bit of insight, and so there are a few things that you should be looking for in any company you decide to partner up with.

Reputation and Experience Matter

You could probably say this about a company you work with in any industry, but the type of work they’ve done in the past, including similar projects to what you need done, is really important. You’re making a big investment in your fencing, so you don’t want to have a large portion of the work completed by people who might not even be entirely confident in their abilities. Depending on the size of your property, you might be putting in an excessive amount of fencing, and you’ll probably want their input about placement too. They’ll help you create a plan that doesn’t only utilize the right amount of fencing, but also a well-engineered structure that you can depend on.

Be Mindful of Materials They Use  

This is probably one of the biggest factors you need to consider in terms of which company you partner up with. There are a couple of different types of horse fencing available, and for the most part you’re going to find pros and cons with each. This will also help determine what the overall costs is going to look like. For example, does the company manufacture the fencing materials themselves, do they source from another vendor?

In terms of what specific material you need, that is debatable. There are a few of the very commonly used materials, including wood or lumber, plastic or PVC, and wired fencing. For the most part, especially when you’re dealing with larger animals like horses, you want something that’s sturdy, won’t hurt the animals, and will withstand a variety of elements. None of the above mentioned materials can consistently deliver on those requirements, especially over time. For example, while wood is certainly strong, it doesn’t do well after continued exposure to rain, sun, dirt, and other changing elements. When it weakens, it can compromise the integrity of a section of fencing, or put your animals at risk.

Why Woodguard?

Besides years of experience in the industry, we’re also providing a truly unique material for your horse fencing that isn’t available anywhere else. By combining a strong lumber core with a treated polymer coating, you’re essentially getting the best of both worlds. You have the structural integrity required, without the susceptibility to the elements that ends up costing you because of maintenance. This means you can spend more time and money on growing your business, not worrying about the horse fencing.

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