Electric Horse Fence Enclosure

Is An Electric Horse Fence Durable Enough?

If you’re a stable owner expanding the amount of grazing space you have for your horses, then one of your biggest priorities is choosing the fencing supplies for the type of fence that you’re going to be using. There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to horse fencing, and some are going to be a better investment than others. Among the choices you have for wired or mesh fences, you can also utilize an electric horse fencing variation.

Why An Electric Horse Fence Might Not Be Your Best Option

Besides the health, happiness, and protection of your horses, you also need to make sure you’re thinking about the various business implications of choosing a particular fencing material. You should be concerned with installation cost, what the upkeep is, how your horses will interact with it, and what future expansion options look like. With all of those things in mind, this is going to explore why an electric horse fence may seem like an appealing option at first, but how they can be detrimental in the long term.  

The Benefits of An Electric Horse Fence

The biggest reason why people choose an electric horse fence is because it provides another level of protection for your animals. You’ll keep them contained while keeping other creatures out efficiently. The horses will learn that the fence signifies a barrier, since the feeling of touching it equates to a nip or bite that they might receive from another, more dominant horse in the herd. This means that they won’t try to test the fence, giving you greater peace of mind in terms of their protection.

How It Will Cost You In The Long Term

An electric fence usually needs to be grounded with various wood posts, and those are only as sturdy as the wood itself. The moment a post deteriorates, or a portion of the fencing is weakened, it compromises the integrity of the entire fence. Also, replacing a portion of the electric fence means that you need to shut down the entire thing, and rewire or replace large sections, means that other sections of the fence might be vulnerable during the time. Also, while it’s not as common, there is always a chance that the shock from the fence could harm your animals, sending them into a frenzy, which leads to more trouble.

How Woodguard Horse Fencing Is Better

Unlike standard wood posts that will shift in the ground or rot due to natural causes, Woodguard horse fencing is built to last. Every single one of our fence posts and rails have a treated lumber core. This means that the wood isn’t susceptible to termites. Then, every piece is coated in a unique, UV resistant non-toxic polymer which has a similar appearance to vinyl. However, unlike vinyl or plastic fencing, which is susceptible to cold weather, Woodguard horse fencing remains sturdy and dependable. There is little to no necessary upkeep, which means you can focus on taking care of your animals and growing your business, rather than spending time repairing an electric horse fence.

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