Wire Horse Fence with Horses

Is Your Wire Horse Fence Doing Enough?

If you’re in the business of housing horses, whether it’s a stable, a riding academy, or just your own farm, you want to keep them as healthy and happy as possible. Besides providing the basics like food, water, shelter, and consistent grooming, they also need space. Horses are creatures of habit, and they’re inherently built to roam and graze long distances and large spaces. Even if you have this space available, you also need to make sure that the horses themselves don’t get too carried away and leave whatever property you’ve set aside for them, which is where horse fencing comes into play.  

Evaluating The Effectiveness of Your Wire Horse Fence

There are couple of different types of wire horse fence, including mesh, woven, or barbed. Due to the material itself, a wire horse fence is going to be relatively inexpensive, which is why many farmers and stable owners choose it. However, that low cost does come with certain downsides too.

What You Want From Any Type of Horse Fence

Your number one concern when installing any type of horse fencing should be the safety of the horses. This means keeping certain critters out, but also keeping the horses in. A loose horse could venture into unsafe territory, injure itself after a fall, then be unable to return home. By keeping all your horses in a large but confined space, you’ll be able to manage them more efficiently.

Not only that, but you definitely want the horse fencing itself to be sustainable, durable, and easy to maintain. If you find yourself spending more time fixing a fence than managing other aspects of your business, then you need to start looking for another type of material.

Where A Wire Horse Fence Fails

Even though it is relatively cheap, a wire horse fence can be detrimental for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you’ve decided to use barbed wired, you’re putting your horses at risk. They may become spooked by a sudden prick and overreact, putting themselves or other animals near them in more harm. Also, a wire fence is only as strong as the posts it’s tied to. If any of posts deteriorate, get damaged, or sink further into the ground, the integrity of any connected wire horse fencing is compromised.  

Build a Better Horse Fence With Woodguard

Unlike wire fencing (be it barbed or chain link), Woodguard horse fencing is constructed from materials that won’t break under pressure and don’t harm your animals. Every horse fence we build is constructed out of a unique polymer coated lumber that no other manufacturer can replicate. It doesn’t crack, it’s non-toxic, and it won’t deteriorate over time.

The best horse fencing should provide a clear barrier to your animals, but it should be able to withstand any physical pressure, along with the changing weather seasons. Woodguard horse fencing was not only meant to last, it was meant to give you peace of mind after installation, so you can spend time focusing on growing your business and taking care of your horses.

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