Horse Herd Behind Horse Rail Fence

Should You Install a Horse Rail Fence?

When buying any type of new horse fencing, you’re going to find yourself choosing between quite a few different options, especially when it comes to the type of horse fencing that’s available. The most traditional style that people are familiar with is a standard wood fence. Then, you start to move into areas like wire fencing, vinyl (PVC) fencing, and even welded pipes. One of the newer options available is what’s known as a ‘horse rail fence’.  

The Impact Of Installing a Horse Rail Fence

This type of horse fencing is really unique, and has been around for a shorter amount of time than more traditional styles such as wood or even PVC. Like any type of available horse fencing, it has a proprietary installation process, maintenance needs, along with its own set up pros and cons. It’s important to understand as much about the product as possible before making any type of investment for your business.

What Makes A Horse Rail Fence Unique?

This product is made of high tension wires (usually steel) that are polymer-coated. These coated wires are then stretched between the posts  at various height intervals, and connected by bolted brackets. It gives the fence durability, strength in case your horses push against it, and a slightly flexible finish. This rail fence is also popular because it has a similar appearance to wood, and it doesn’t splinter, rust, or rot.

So What’s The Downside?

Like most other fencing products, horse rail isn’t maintenance-free, and unlike other horse fencing options, it has a much higher initial investment cost. This is why it can be difficult to justify the cost, especially if you’re expanding rapidly. When you don’t know how much space you’re ultimately going to need even a few years down the line, you could be wasting money on horse rail fencing that you’re going to need to replace or remove anyways. Also, since the strength of the structure is tied to the brackets on each post, if any of those posts begin to deteriorate, especially around the brackets, the horse rail may weaken and eventually break under enough force.

Making Woodguard Your Choice For Horse Fencing

Even though products like a horse rail fence has an appealing upside, it’s still not the ideal horse fencing choice for farmers, stable operators, and ranch owners. You want to invest in a product that is low cost, low maintenance, and durable enough to justify any initial or future costs. That’s where Woodguard horse fencing comes into play.

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind product that other manufacturers and retailers can’t hope to match. We recognize that wood provides the highest level of strength and durability when it’s new, but over time it falters to the elements. So we start with a lumber core for every post and rail, but then cover it in a UV-resistant and non-toxic polymer. This gives it a look that is similar to vinyl fencing, but it’s far, far stronger. If you’re ready to invest in horse fencing that will help your business thrive, then contact the team at Woodguard to get started.

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