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Stable Options Beyond The Plastic Horse Fence

Having a growing business of any kind is an exciting time if you’re the owner. It means you’re doing something right, and you’re offering something of value that clients want to continue to buy, whether it’s a product or a specific service. For someone like a ranch or stable operator, this means taking on more horses. However, you don’t just need extra stable space for the animals, since you need to give every animal adequate space to graze. Before you do this, you need horse fencing so they stay contained and safe within your property.

What Options Do Stable Owners Have Besides a Plastic Horse Fence?

One of the most common horse fencing options is a plastic or PVC structure. It’s fairly easy to work with and install, but one of the biggest problems is with its general upkeep. In cold weather especially, plastic and PVC becomes extremely vulnerable and can crack or completely break. When this happens, not only can horses escape, but they can injure themselves on any shards protruding from the fence. If you’re concerned about the quality of a plastic horse fence, here are a few other options available to you.

Wire Horse Fence

As the name implies, this type of fence is primarily wire based. It can be barbed wire (which is really not recommended since it hurts the horses), electric wire, woven wire, or diamond chain fencing. These types of fences are effective, especially at certain heights, but they’re more susceptible to force and pressure. The fence wears down over time, and when that happens it puts your animals and business at risk.

Horse Rail Fence

Using newer technology and construction methods, a horse rail fence has a similar appearance to wood rails but without the same vulnerabilities. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is because it takes the flexibility of wire fencing but makes it extremely taut while coating it in a polymer solution. The wires are then connected to brackets which are securely bolted to the posts. The one major reservation people have about using a horse rail fence is that it has a much, much higher initial investment cost. You’re definitely getting a secure horse fence, but it leaves you locked into that type of fencing moving forward. If your business grows faster than you anticipated, it’s more difficult to repurpose this type of fencing since it only works with the correct brackets.

Why Woodguard Is The Superior Horse Fencing Product

Unlike the other types mentioned above, Woodguard horse fencing provides strength, flexibility, durability, and low-cost without the risks and high-maintenance. Each post and rail of our fencing has a treated lumber core. This means it’s not susceptible to termites. Then, we take that treated lumber and coat it in a UV-resistant non-toxic polymer, ensuring the wood won’t decay or rot. The coating also won’t chip or crack like plastic fencing, meaning it keeps your horses safe and contained in any weather. Because it’s easy to install, Woodguard horse fencing gives you the flexibility to scale when needed without feeling locked into your current structure.

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