Avoid Using Low Grade Lumber on Your Horse Fencing

Top Disadvantages of Low Grade Lumber For Horse Fencing

Whether you own an equestrian ranch, farm, or you keep your horses on your own residential land, you need great horse fencing structures to keep them safe and secure. Maintaining the livelihood of your horses is important and keeping them safe should be your top priority. The structures you build around your livestock should be built with extreme care, attention to detail, and high quality building materials. If you’re building a fence for your horses, opting for low grade lumber can prove to be hazardous for your livestock.

The Weaknesses of Low-Grade Lumber for Horse Fencing

Utilizing low grade lumber to build a fence can have a number of unforeseen disadvantages. The appeal of the low prices isn’t enough to offset the pain you’ll feel later on. The structural integrity of your fence is determined by the quality of lumber you use to build it. With low grade lumber, you’re not only getting a low quality fence, you’re surrounding your animals with a structure that can be potentially harmful to their livelihood.

Low-Grade Lumber Requires Excessive Maintenance

When typical lumber products are exposed to the harsh elements of the environment, they begin to degrade more rapidly. Whether the weather is cold, hot, rainy, or dry, the lumber you use needs to be protected in order to maintain its functionality and aesthetics. Low grade lumber doesn’t hold up well against the elements because it isn’t built with attributes that work to keep it protected. Without them, the lumber will begin to degrade in a number of different ways, and as a result, you will have to do a lot of maintenance down the line.

Cracks and Splinters

When lumber is exposed to rain, it begins to swell and warp. When the rain ends and the sun begins to shine, the lumber dries out and cracks. If left alone for too long, the damage can become more significant and your wooden fence structure can be destroyed.

Dry Rot and Decay

When lumber is exposed to moisture, it begins to develop fungi that can potentially break down the wood fibers and renders the wood weak and brittle. Because the structure becomes so weak, you will either have to find replacement parts to fix the problem, or invest in a new fencing structure altogether.

Low-Grade Lumber can Harm Your Animals

The effects of low-grade lumber on your animals can be potentially harmful. Horses tend to run into fencing structures, so using lumber that can easily degrade isn’t a wise choice. The cracks and splinters that generate in a low quality fence structure can impale your horse can leave it severely injured, or even worse, dead.

Find Better Lumber for Horse Fencing

We know that your animals are important to you; so why wouldn’t you use the best building materials available to keep them protected? If you’re in need of high quality lumber products for horse fencing, you’ve come to the right place. Woodguard has low maintenance lumber products that can withstand the harsh effects of the environment and maintain it’s durable structure without having to commit to excessive maintenance. Save time and money while enhancing your business by replacing your low grade lumber fencing with high quality fencing materials.

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