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Non-Toxic Building Materials For Fencing, Agriculture, and Playgrounds

Do you need to build a durable, non-toxic structure for your horse ranch, farm, or playground? If you’re planning to build a durable wood fence to keep your livestock safely contained, set up posts and stakes to protect your crops from pests, or you’re designing a wooden playset that children can safely enjoy, there’s no denying that utilizing high quality building materials that don’t require excessive maintenance to complete these projects will keep you or your clients happy for years to come. The outstanding durability and workability of Woodguard’s lumber products make it the perfect material for building fencing, posts, and wooden playgrounds. With structural grade lumber encased by an exclusive plastic coating, Woodguard can provide the supplies necessary to build a high grade wooden structure that’s equally as sustainable as plastic for your horse fencing, agricultural posts and poles, and playground construction needs. Contact us for a free sample of Woodguard and experience the difference firsthand.

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Safe Equestrian Fencing Materials That Won’t Degrade

We know that your livestock is incredibly important to you and your business. Keeping them protected with durable lumber fencing that won’t degrade is vital to your success. Components like PVC and conventional lumber can produce jagged cracked edges that can cause harm to your animals. When you choose Woodguard as your supplier of equestrian fencing materials, you’re opting to work with products that will outlast traditional lumber and keep your animals protected from the harmful effects of the elements, including dry rot, splinters, and decay. Our wooden fence panels and boards are protected with a polymer blend that will sustain the quality of the wood for 20 years guaranteed, without having to commit to regular maintenance.

Non-Toxic Products For Agriculture

As a farmer, the quality of your crops is the foremost important factor for determining the success of your business. Without the proper protection, you can lose your yield due to a variety of different circumstances. If you choose conventional lumber products for your agricultural needs, you run the risk of exposing your crops to harmful toxins that will affect their taste, texture, and ability to grow. Woodguard supplies non-toxic trellis posts, stakes, and poles that are treated with a non-toxic borate compound, with the option to go certified organic, that will protect your structure from insects and dry rot and leave your crops unharmed because of the natural treatment.

Durable Building Materials For Playgrounds

As a playground manufacturer, your swing sets and playground playsets should be built with every child’s safety in mind. We can provide the supplies necessary to build a durable wooden playground that will stand the test of time. With our structural grade lumber, you can build high quality projects with products that last as long as plastic and contain the strength of lumber. You can bring comfort to your clients and assure them that their new wooden playset will not cause any harm to children, nor will it require regular maintenance.

About Our Company

Woodguard has been associated with high quality wholesale lumber products for over 30 years. We are dedicated to providing a low maintenance, cost effective, alternative to conventional wood, vinyl, steel, and concrete products. Even the most durable species of lumber deteriorate from insect exposure and dry rot decay. Our wood is treated with a non-toxic, inert borate compound to protect against these threats and is then coated with a UV stabilized plastic blend that gives our hardwood its superior strength, lifespan, and durability. All of our lumber products are non-toxic and every one of them comes with a certified organic option. You can also feel safe knowing that our 20 year warranty will keep you protected from chipping, peeling, cracking, and more.

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