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Durable Wooden Fence Boards

Woodguard is the leading distributor of high quality building materials across the nation. We can deliver the necessary supplies to build durable wooden board fencing to keep your horses protected. We believe all fences should be strong and have the ability to last for years without having to perform maintenance constantly. Unlike regular wood products that are susceptible to the degrading effects of the environment, Woodguard can resist the effects of moisture and even effectively stand up against collisions from heavy animals. You can save time and money from not having to commit to repeated repairs and performing regular maintenance. We understand that seeing is believing and most people like to touch our products with their own hands, so we will send you a free sample of Woodguard to show you how much of a difference our product makes.

Polymer Coated Wood Boards

Our durable wooden boards combine the strength of wood with the durability of plastic. Through our patented process, we coat all of our lumber products with a polymer blend that’s created with UV ultra violet light blockers that protects from fading and cracking. The polymer coat seals the lumber away from the harmful effects of the environment that cause degrading to create a product that will last for years.

Boards For Horse and Agriculture Fencing

At Woodguard, we are proud to provide exceptional boards for horse and agriculture fencing, and crop production aids that will last for years. With our lumber products, you no longer have to worry about spending extra time and money performing excessive maintenance on your fencing structures. You can focus your attention on more important aspects of your business and experience more success.