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Horse Fence Made Out Of Treated Lumber

Build Great Fencing and Playgrounds With Durable Lumber

Do you need high quality building materials to build great fencing or playground structures? The quality of supplies used for a construction project determines the longevity and durability of the completed structure. If you’re looking for the best materials available that will allow you to build the best fence or playset possible, your search ends here. Woodguard is a leading distributer of high quality building materials that are also low maintenance. We believe in producing excellent supplies that will maintain their structural integrity for years. Conventional lumber products will degrade from exposure to the environment and requires consistent maintenance to retain its functionality and looks. Woodguard is resistant to the degrading effects of nature and even maintain its great looks for a guaranteed 20 years with guaranteed replacements if something unexpected happens to your structure. We know that seeing is believing so we’ll even give you a free sample of Woodguard to hold with your own hands.

Low Maintenance Lumber Products

Playsets and fences constructed using typical lumber products requires regular maintenance to maintain proper functionality. Studies show that over five years, the money spent on repairs and painting will equal about 50% of your project’s total value. Opting to use low maintenance building materials for your construction projects will save you plenty of time and money that can be used to focus on other parts of your business.

Enhance Your Structures With Woodguard

At Woodguard, we are dedicated to providing the best building materials available. We want to help you build exceptional fencing and playsets that will last for years. The lumber produced by Woodguard is coated with a polymer blend that’s composed of two CO-Polymer polyethylenes that create a durable finish that will last for a long time when applied under heat and pressure.