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Hardwood Lumber For Farmers and Manufacturers

Woodguard is a leading distributor of low maintenance building materials in the nation. We provide farmers and playground manufacturers the hardwood supplies they need to construct dependable fencing and playsets that will last for years. We believe that the strength of a great fence or playset lies at the core of every component. Woodguard has a strong wooden core that’s protected by the exterior engineered plastic blend. The fusion of these two components creates a durable product that is guaranteed to last 20 years without having to perform regular maintenance. Unlike conventional lumber products, Woodguard will not crack, split, or peel. It doesn’t require painting and it will even resist a hammer impact at -30 degrees.

Non-Toxic or Organic Hardwood Building Materials

At Woodguard, we work hard to ensure that our building supplies are suitable for a variety of uses. Our hardwood building materials are non-toxic with the option to go certified organic and great for the environment. The boron treatment we use repels pests but leaves everything else unharmed. The added layer of protection by the polymer coat seals in the treatment so nothing will ever come into contact with it. You can feel safe knowing that your fencing structures or playsets are safe for crops, animals, and children.

Delivering Durable Hardwood Throughout The Nation

We are dedicated to delivering durable hardwood to playground manufacturers and farmers throughout the nation. With Woodguard you can enhance your equestrian and agricultural fencing needs or create dependable wooden playsets that are safe. Your structures will last for years and won’t require constant maintenance to keep them functional.