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Reliable Plastic Coating For Wood

Woodguard excels at distributing low maintenance building materials throughout the nation. We work hard to give farmers and playground manufacturers the supplies they need to build reliable playsets and fences that will last for years. Through our unique process, we’ve managed to fuse the strong quality of wood with the durability of plastic. At the base of every piece of woodguard is a wooden core that’s paired with a polymer coating to create the strongest, most durable product imaginable. The fusion of the the lumber and plastic coating is guaranteed to last 20 years and unlike conventional lumber products, Woodguard will not crack, split, or develop dry rot. We’ll even give you a free sample of Woodguard so you can see the difference with your own eyes.

Low Maintenance Lumber With A Plastic Coating

If you use typical lumber products to construct playsets and fences, you’ll have to perform regular maintenance, such as painting and sanding, to maintain the look and functionality of the structure. Over five years, the costs you’ll accrue from performing maintenance will equal about 50% of the total value of the structure. At Woodguard, we believe that fences and playsets shouldn’t require regular maintenance to remain functional. Our products are guaranteed to last 20 years and if anything happens to the playset or fence, you’ll receive a replacement piece, free of charge.

Non-Toxic and Certified Organic Building Materials

In addition to creating low maintenance building materials, the supplies we produce are also non-toxic and we even have certified organic components if you need it. Using conventional lumber products means you’ll run the risk of exposing children, animals, and crops to harmful chemicals. Woodguard is treated with a non-toxic borate compound that repels pests and leaves everything else unharmed. The added protection of the plastic coating ensures that nothing else will come into contact with the treatment as well.