White Coated Treated Lumber

Breakdown Of Woodguards Treated Lumber

White Fence Made Out Of Treated Lumber

Treated Lumber For Fencing and Playgrounds

If you’re a playground manufacturer or farmer that needs treated building materials for a fence or playset, then look no farther. Woodguard is a leading provider of exceptional building materials that will satisfy your fencing or playground needs. We understand that you want to build a great fence or playset and to do that, you need the best supplies available. The overall quality of the structure you build is directly associated with the quality of the materials you use to build it. We produce components that fuse the strength of wood with the durability of plastic to create strong products that are guaranteed for 20 years. We make it so that you don’t have to deal with conventional lumber products that degrade over time or stress over PVC products that crack and split in the cold. When you use Woodguard, you’re choosing treated lumber that you can trust.

Non-Toxic and Certified Organic Building Supplies

At Woodguard, we believe in providing building supplies that aren’t harmful to the environment and everyone around it. Our products are treated with a non-toxic boron compound and have to option to go certified organic. The boron treatment protects the wood from pests and leaves everything else around it unharmed.

Low Maintenance Lumber For Fencing and Playgrounds

We are dedicated to providing manufacturers and farmers the low maintenance lumber products they need to construct great fencing and playground structures. With low maintenance lumber, you can save time and money and focus on other more important aspects of your business.