Woodguard Wood Fence Panel

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Row of White Wood Fence Panels

Wood Fencing and Supplies For Farmers and Manufacturers

Are you a playground manufacturer or farmer that needs excellent building materials to construct a fence or playset? Woodguard is a leading provider of excellent building materials for your fencing and playground needs. We understand that the quality of materials you use to build your fence or playset ultimately determines the overall quality of the project you build. That’s why we produce building materials that combine the structural integrity of wood with the long lasting qualities of engineered plastic. People who use lumber by itself have to perform constant maintenance to prevent degradation and those who use PVC have to deal with cracking, splitting, and popping out from impact. Woodguard doesn’t require consistent maintenance and it’s strong enough to withstand an impact from large animals. When you build something using Woodguard, you’re choosing dependable lumber products you can trust.

Non-Toxic Wood

Woodguard is dedicated to providing wood that isn’t treated with any toxic chemicals. If you use conventional wood materials, you run the risk of exposing children, crops, or animals to harmful chemical treatments. Our wood is treated with a non-toxic boron compound with a certified organic option for organic farmers. It protects the wood from pests and leaves everything else unharmed.

Providing Dependable Wood Throughout The Nation

At Woodguard, we are dedicated to providing dependable wooden building materials throughout the nation. We work with dealers and manufacturers to deliver the best building supplies available. You can enhance your fencing structures and build better playgrounds with Woodguard.