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Treated Fence Poles

White Fence Poles

Strong Wooden Poles For Fencing and Playgrounds

Woodguard is a leading manufacturer of outstanding low maintenance building materials for fences and playgrounds. We work with contractors and dealers to provide durable wooden poles to build the strongest fencing and playsets possible. We strongly believe in delivering great building materials that will last for years and maintain its structural integrity throughout its entire lifespan without having to perform constant maintenance. Our patented polymer coat adds an extra layer or protection that allows Woodguard to stand out from other low maintenance material. Conventional lumber degrades when exposed to the harsh environment and PVC often pops out from impact with heavy animals. We combine the strength of wood with the durability of plastic to fuse the benefits of low maintenance and structural integrity together. With Woodguard, you can build exceptional fencing that will keep children safe, keep your produce protected, and safely contain your horses.

Non-Toxic Or Organic Fencing Poles

We use a non-toxic boron treatment with the option to go certified organic on our products. It helps to repel pests and it’s safe for children, animals, and crops. For an added layer of protection, we coat the lumber with an engineered plastic blend that seals the treatment inside forever. Not only is the treatment non-toxic, but you can feel even more secure knowing that nothing will ever come into contact with it.

Save Time and Money With Low Maintenance Poles

We want to help you save your precious time and money with low maintenance poles. Woodguard’s lumber products have a strong wooden core with a protective polymer exterior that will help extend its life without any extra maintenance. With these savings, you can invest more time and money into other aspects of your business.