White Wooden Fence Post

Treated Wooden Fence Posts

Horse Fence Build Out Of Wooden Fence Posts

Strong Wooden Fence Posts

Woodguard is a top provider of high quality and low maintenance supplies for building fences across the nation. Working with contractors and dealers, we provide strong wooden fence posts to build the toughest, most durable fencing possible. We believe in providing great fencing materials that will withstand the test of time and maintain its durability throughout its lifespan without having to commit to large amounts of maintenance. The polymer coat adds an extra layer of protection that sets Woodguard apart from other products. Unlike traditional wooden building materials, Woodguard is immune to the degrading effects of the environment and can resist the effects of moisture or hold its own against horse collisions. With great fencing, you can effectively keep your produce protected from pest and chemical treatments, or keep your horses from breaking out and escaping.

Non-Toxic or Organic Fence Posts For Horses and Agriculture

At the core of every one of Woodguard’s building materials is a strong piece of lumber that’s treated with a non-toxic compound known as boron with the option to go certified organic. Boron keeps the wood from degrading and it is safe for animals and crops. The polymer coat seals the treatment inside and adds even more protection to the lumber. Not only is the treatment organic, but you can feel comfortable knowing that your animals and crops will never come into contact with the treated lumber.

Low Maintenance Fence Post Savings

The time and money spent on performing maintenance on conventional lumber products will equal about 50% of the initial cost to build the fence after about 5 years. The time you save by utilizing low maintenance fencing posts will allow you to focus your attention on more important aspects of your business and save money in the process. You’ll be happier with the extra time and possibly even experience more success.