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Low Maintenance Building and Fence Supplies

Woodguard is a leading distributer of low maintenance building supplies across the nation. If you’re an equestrian rancher, an agricultural farmer, or a playground manufacturer, we can give you the building materials you need to build a durable wooden fence or playground. We strongly believe that your fencing structures and playgrounds should be strong and have the ability to last for years without having to perform regular maintenance. Unlike conventional lumber products, Woodguard is resistant to the degrading effects of moisture and will even stand the test of time for 20 years guaranteed. Our low maintenance lumber will allow you to save large amounts of time and money. We know that our innovative product is hard to believe but to help you with your decision, we’ll send a free sample of Woodguard so you can experience it with your own hands.

UV Protected Building Supplies

The polymer blend used to coat every one of our lumber products is made with UV ultra violet light blockers that protect the exterior coat from fading, cracking, peeling, and chipping. You can feel confident in Woodguard’s ability to retain its excellent look for years without having to paint or sand the exterior.

High Quality Building Supplies For Fencing and Playgrounds

At Woodguard, we believe that using high quality building supplies for fencing and playgrounds is essential to creating an exceptional fence or playset that will last for years. We provide the products you need to construct low maintenance structures that will last. You can save time and money and even focus on other aspects of your business to experience even greater success.