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Long-Lasting Wholesale Fencing

Are you an equestrian rancher who’s in desperate need of excellent building materials for your next fence construction project? You need to work with a reliable company to provide the wholesale fencing supplies required to construct a durable structure. Constructing an equestrian fence requires a large amount of lumber to get the job done. You need to work with a company that can rapidly deliver the materials you need to build a strong fence. Receiving the proper supplies quickly will allow you to finish your desired project on time. The fence you use to keep your horses contained and protected should be built with supplies of the highest quality to ensure optimal protection and safety.

Woodguard’s High Quality Fencing Materials

Woodguard is a reliable company that is dedicated to providing high quality fencing materials to meet your demands. We have access to the necessary resources to fulfill your orders and provide the exceptional service you desire. Our line of products combine the strength of wood with the long lasting qualities of engineered plastic. You can feel confident in woodguard’s ability to survive the harsh environment and remain intact after a collision from any animal.

Protective Horse Fencing

If you choose to utilize conventional lumber products that rot, chip, or split, you increase the risk of injury to your horse. Horses who regularly run into degrading fencing structures can be severely injured from splinters in lumber. Woodguard’s polymer coated lumber is resistant to the degrading effects of moisture because the lumber is protected by a plastic exterior. You can feel comfortable knowing that your horses will be protected for years when you use Woodguard building materials to construct your horse fence.