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Ensure Animal Safety With Low Maintenance Horse Fencing

A horse’s natural instinct to soar through an open field and gracefully gallop into the horizon sometimes overwhelms its common sense and makes it more susceptible to injury and escape. Not all types of fencing components are acceptable for a horse, and as a horse owner, it’s important to keep your livestock safe and accounted for. Using conventional treated lumber, vinyl PVC products, an electric horse fence, and a number of other less effective fencing options can have detrimental effects on your equestrian endeavors. These components may produce jagged cracked edges that will harm your horse. There’s only one fencing company that can produce high quality animal fencing that fuses the strength of lumber with the sustainability of polymer. We can help you develop a horse fence that will keep your horses safe for years without having to commit to regular maintenance. Woodguard has a 20 year warranty that offers full replacements on supplies that crack, fade, peel and split, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re covered in case something unexpected happens.

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Combining The Strength of Wood and Sustainability of Polymer

The benefits of utilizing Woodguard’s structural grade lumber products as an alternative to conventional wood and PVC for your equestrian fences are well known. We have years of experience developing low maintenance building materials that combine the strength of lumber with the sustainability of polymer for your equine needs. This superior combination is only obtained through the excellent products produced by Woodguard’s manufacturing facility. We are armed with the resources to fill your equestrian fencing orders and we will provide you with the best fencing materials available.

Durable Equestrian Fencing

Are you at your wits’ end with the vinyl horse fence that offered false promises? Spending unnecessary time performing maintenance on your PVC horse fencing can be tiring and repetitive. It also distracts you from other aspects of your business that need your undivided attention. Unlike a plastic horse fence that cracks and shatters in the cold, or pops out when your horse knocks into it, Woodguard’s polymer coated lumber will stand firmly against the harsh environment. Our product is low maintenance and offers a number of benefits that will save you plenty of time and money, including:

  • No Fading – Woodguards Lumber Products are coated with a polymer blend that offers UV stabilization which protects it from sunlight. You won’t have to dedicate your precious time to painting or staining.

  • No chipping, cracking, or peeling – The polymer coating protects the lumber core from the abrasive effects of the environment. Woodguard makes wood degradation a thing of the past.

  • Low to High Temperature Range – Woodguard is protected from extreme weather and will hold up against extremely cold and hot temperatures. This means less time spent on repairs or finding replacements.

Woodguard Doesn’t Crack, Splinter, or Rot

We know that ensuring the safety and containment of your horses is a key component to what makes a horse fence great. When you use typical lumber that cracks, splinters, or rots, you increase the risk of injury for your horse and elevate its chances to escape. It’s normal for them to run into fencing structures and without the proper maintenance, a splinter can impale your horse and put its life at risk, or a collision near a small crack can break the fence down, leaving an opening for escape. Woodguard’s line of products combine high grade lumber with our patented polymer blend for protection against splinters, ground rot, and other harmful byproducts that are commonly associated with conventional lumber when exposed to the elements. Your horse will stay contained within your pasture and protected because there is nothing on the fence post and rail that can cause injury.

Optimal Stability and Protection From Moisture

Unlike standard treated lumber, or horse fence wire, Woodguard’s polymer coated lumber products will not warp, twist, bend, or split, and has a joint at every post that provides optimal stability. Also, due to our non-toxic borate treatment and our patented “weld-on” caps that seal the ends of the boards to keep moisture out, the lumber will not rot. You can feel confident in Woodguard’s ability to maintain its durable structure throughout its lifespan.

Customizeable Fencing Materials

Woodguard’s lumber products can be constructed and handled just like wood. It installs the same as any other piece of lumber. You can saw, drill, or nail without any special tools. You can customize and design your wooden horse fence according your specific specifications without any hassle. It also comes stocked in white and black with other available colors upon request if you want to go for a unique look and feel.

Protective Plastic Coating

Woodguard’s horse fencing lumber is encrusted with the only coating on the market that’s produced with Ultratech UV ultra-violet light blockers, which protects the plastic coat from fading, chipping, peeling, cracking, splintering, and prevents the deterioration of the polymer itself. Woodguard CO-P2 is our exclusive blend of two CO-Polymer polyethylenes which create the toughest, most durable finish available when applied under heat and pressure. Our coating is tough enough to hold itself against a full hammer impact at a temperature of -30 degrees without cracking or splitting.

About Our Horse Fencing Lumber

Each piece of lumber, produced by Woodguard, from spruce, pine, or fir, is carefully manufactured and graded by licensed WWPA inspectors. Our horse fencing lumber receives the Woodguard patented process which includes a non-toxic borate treatment that fully protects the post and rail against dry rot and termites throughout its life. With our reasonable prices, you’ll save time and money on continuous maintenance, and you’ll even be protected from peeling, cracking, fading, and more with our 20 year warranty.

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