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Moving Beyond The Electric Horse Fence

If you’re a stable operator, farm owner, or ranch manager, the well-being of any horses you manage is probably one of, if not your biggest priorities. Keeping them happy, healthy, and safe will allow you to scale your business and attract more customers who value the quality of service you provide. The type of hose fencing you currently have installed or plan to expand with will have a big impact on your business growth moving forward. While something like an electric horse fence has a certain level of appeal, especially in conditioning horses to stay within the barriers, it’s only as effective as the posts and rails it’s tied to.

The Evolution of Equestrian Fencing

For over 30 years, our team here at Woodguard has been perfecting horse fencing material for business owners like yourself. Unlike the electric horse fence which is contingent on so many other factors, Woodguard’s horse fencing is built to last. Every post and rail has a treated lumber core, making it termite and rot resistant. This gives it the strength and stability to withstand varying levels of pressure. Then, we put a unique UV-resistant, non-toxic polymer coated over every piece, which ensures the elements won’t deteriorate your horse fencing.

Help Your Business Thrive With Woodguard Horse Fencing

By choosing Woodguard as your horse fencing partner, you’re setting you and your business up for further success. Because there is such a low level of needed maintenance, you’re freeing up time and money that can be better spent helping your business grow. When you choose Woodguard, you’re giving your horses the protection they deserve, and giving your clients more reason to keep utilizing your services.