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For over 30 years, Woodguard has been the leading distributor of low maintenance fencing materials for equine fencing purposes. We partner with manufacturers and dealers throughout the nation to deliver superior horse fencing products. We provide strong, long lasting fencing supplies that are perfect for constructing great fences to keep your horses safely contained. Unlike conventional lumber products for fencing, you won’t have to worry about splinters, degradation, and repairs. Using our patented process, we fuse the structural qualities of wood with the durable features of plastic to create a building component that is guaranteed to last 20 years. If your fence cracks or breaks during that time, you’ll receive the necessary replacement, free of charge. We know that seeing is believing, so we’ll send you a free sample of Woodguard so you can experience the difference with your own eyes.

The equine fencing lumber produced by Woodguard is the only product on the market that’s produced with Ultratech UV ultra-violet light blockers that protect the plastic from fading and chipping. The plastic coat seals the wood and treatments inside to preserve the lumber at the core and keep it protected from the degrading effects of the environment.

Make Your Business Better With Low Maintenance Fencing

We are dedicated to providing business owners the low maintenance materials they need to produce excellent fencing structures. Without having to perform regular maintenance, you’ll save time and money that can be reallocated to other components of your business. The extra resources can contribute to more success and make you happier.