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Finding Better Stable Fencing Options Than Horse Fence Wire

As a stable owner and operator, then keeping your horses happy and safe are two of your biggest concerns. Beyond their comfort in each individual stable, they also need adequate space to graze. Horses are creatures of habit, and being able to roam freely is build into their temperament. However, you won’t feel comfortable unless you have an adequate horse fence set up around the property. One of the options that you’ll see many people gravitate towards is a barrier made of horse fence wire, either woven or mesh. Unfortunately, even though this may be a cost-effective option, it can end up causing your problems down the line.

Why You Need Better Equine Fencing

There are too many types of horse fencing out there that don’t stand up to the test of time. Wooden posts are sturdy, but suffer against natural elements. Plastic or PVC fencing is more versatile, but it can warp or become extremely brittle in changing weather conditions. All of this means more money and time spent on maintenance.

Better Business Growth Opportunities Through Woodguard Horse Fencing

Here at Woodguard, we took to time to create the ideal horse fencing material for stable operators, ranch owners, or anyone else who wants to keep their horses safe without worrying about the long term costs and implications. Our posts and rails all have a lumber core which created sturdiness and stability. That lumber is treated for termite and rot prevention before it’s coated in a non-toxic, UV-resistant polymer solution. This gives it the appearence of plastic, but without the same consequences in extreme weather conditions. The posts and rails will contain your horses efficiently and last longer, so you can spend your hard earned capital on other business ventures as you continue to expand.