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Choosing Between The Various Horse Fencing Options

If your business depends on the quality of care you provide for any horses that you’re stabling, then one of the most important facets of your setup is the horse fencing you have installed around the property. Part of your responsibility as a breeder or ranch owner is ensuring that each animal has adequate to graze and run around, while also making sure that there is zero risk of their escape. With so many different horse fencing options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what’s best for your operation. However, many of the more traditional methods such as wood , wire or mesh, and even PVC come with various downsides that make any investment difficult to justify.

Why Your Current Equestrian Fencing Isn’t Doing Enough

Part of the problem with options like wood or PVC horse fencing is that they’re extremely susceptible to the elements, and even more so in changing weather conditions. Wood, even if it’s treated, will begin to decay over time, and can compromise the structural integrity of a fence. During the winter, PVC or plastic based fences can become extremely brittle and break. In both cases, this means more money and time that comes out of your business’ pocket as you try to repair or maintain the entire fence.

Why You Should Make The Switch To Woodguard Horse Fencing

At Woodguard, we want to make sure that we’re helping to take care of any horses you manage, along with giving your business an opportunity to thrive. Our horse fencing post and rails are composed of a unique polymer coated lumber that doesn’t decay, warp, crack, or weaken under pressure. We’re so confident in our horse fencing’s ability to help your growing business that it comes with a 20 year product guarantee. Make the switch to Woodguard and experience the difference for yourself.