White Horse Pasture Fence

Newly Installed Horse Pasture Fence

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Horse Pasture Fencing

For over 30 years, Woodguard has provided low maintenance building products for horse pasture fencing nationwide. We work with dealers and manufacturers throughout the US and canada to deliver the best horse fencing products around. We deliver long lasting and durable building materials that you can use to create excellent equestrian fencing structures. With Woodguard, you won’t risk exposing your horses to splinters that can injure them or risk them escaping through the fence by running through it. Unlike conventional lumber and PVC materials, Woodguard combines the strength of lumber with the durability of plastic without the disadvantages of wood that will easily degrade or hollow PVC piping that will pop out with an impact from a heavy animal. Woodguard is guaranteed to last 20 years against chipping, cracking, rotting, and peeling, and you’ll even receive a free replacement if anything happens to it.

Innovative Polymer Coated Pasture Fencing

At Woodguard, we believe in driving innovation in everyone of our lumber products. We deliver the only fencing materials on the market that are produced with Ultratech UV ultra-violet light blockers that protect the engineered plastic coat from fading and chipping. The polymer exterior seals in the wood and the non-toxic treatments to protect it from degrading. Through our exclusive process, we have delivered innovative polymer coated fencing that doesn’t require regular maintenance to remain functional.

Transforming Your Business With Low Maintenance Fencing

We are proud to provide equestrian business owners the supplies they need to construct low maintenance fencing that’s both strong and long lasting. Conventional building materials require a large time commitment and financial obligation to remain functional. With Woodguard, you can focus that extra time and money on things that matter and experience more success.