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Should You Invest In A Plastic Horse Fence?

When trying to decide what type of barriers to put up around grazing spaces for horses, many stable operators and ranch owners choose a plastic horse fence. Reasons for this include the relatively low purchase cost, ease of installation, and the material’s versatility. Also, since it can be manufactured in a number of colors, you have the ability to create unique subsections of fencing barriers based on color. However, the downsides are just as prevalent.

Finding A Better Choice For Your Equine Fencing

Plastic horse fencing is susceptible to changing weather conditions, either becoming extremely brittle and breaking in cold weather, or warping in extreme heat. This makes it a less than ideal choice for farms in locations where the weather varies drastically from season to season. In either case, you’re going to need to spend time and money on repairs or replacement, which prevents you from scaling at steady rate.

The Difference With Woodguard Horse Fencing

If you’re ready to invest in a horse fencing product that stands up to the elements and doesn’t continue to deplete your resources over time, then you’re ready for Woodguard. We’ve been manufacturing proprietary posts and rails that serve the stable or ranch owner as much as they protect the horses. We take a termite treated lumber core and coat it with a non-toxic, UV-resistant polymer. It combines with strength of wood with the resistance of polymer, but without the time consuming downsides. With a 20 year product guarantee, we want you to be able to install horse fencing and then focus on the continued growth of your business.