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White Post And Rail Horse Fence

Newly Installed Horse Fence Post And Rail

Small Post And Rail Horse Fence

Post and Rail Fence Materials for Horse Fencing

Woodguard has been the leading provider of low maintenance post and rail fencing materials for over 30 years. Since 1978, we have expertly produced a unique blend of polymer coated lumber products that can be used to build incredible horse fencing structures that will last for years. We know that people often choose to utilize conventional lumber products, PVC building materials, or electric fence posts for horses because they are cheaper but the overall cost you’ll accrue in performing maintenance will increase that initial investment over time. You’ll end up paying much more for something like a horse rail fence and waste your precious time. Woodguard is protected from the harmful effects of the environment and will even last for a guaranteed 20 years. We understand that seeing is believing, so we’ll even send you a free sample of Woodguard so you can experience it for yourself.

Protective Polymer Coating on The Post and Rail

Every one of Woodguard’s building materials, including the post and rail, has a protective polymer coat that protects the lumber at the core from the harmful degrading effects of the environment. Through our exclusive blend of ultra-violet light blockers and our unique combination of COPolymer polyethylenes, we’ve developed an engineered plastic coat that won’t crack, peel, or fade. It will also keep your fence looking great for years.

Driving Innovation in Equestrian Fencing

At Woodguard, we believe in driving innovation with low maintenance fencing materials. We are dedicated to delivering superior building supplies to equestrian ranchers throughout the nation. With Woodguard, you won’t have to perform constant maintenance and you’ll save plenty of time and money that can be used on other aspects of your business.