White Horse Fencing For A Good Price

Newly Installed Horse Fence For A Good Price

Small White Horse Fencing For A Good Price

How Horse Fencing Prices Impact Your Business

Any owner of a new or growing horse focused business understands the impact of every single expense. By not spending money on something extraneously, that means those funds can be put towards other aspects of the business that will help you expand or improve current infrastructure. One of the biggest expenses you’ll encounter in this industry is horse fencing, and how the prices vary drastically depending on what kind of material or fence type you choose.

More Traditional Types of Horse Fencing Can Be Detrimental

If you’re in the market for new horse fencing and see a huge variation in prices, it’s because there are actually quite a few different types of available materials, including wood, plastic or PVC/vinyl, wire (mesh or woven), electric, and horse rail. Unfortunately, each of these fence types has a number of downsides, whether it’s durability, initial installation cost, or the protection it provides for your horses. With any of the above listed types of horse fences, you’re going to be spending more money on maintenance and upkeep rather than actually focusing on the growth of your business.

Embrace The New Wave of Equestrian Fencing

For us here at Woodguard, we built our unique horse fencing with the business owner in mind. Every rail and post is composed of a treated lumber core. Wood is traditionally one of the strongest types of horse fencing, which is why we made it a key aspect of our product. However, to prevent it from rot or decay, we then cover the entire thing in a unique polymer coat that’s both non-toxic and UV-resistant. This means it doesn’t crack, rot, or break under excessive pressure. When you have horse fencing that’s so maintenence independent, you can focus on growing other aspects of your business.