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The Rise and Fall of PVC Horse Fencing

In the 1980s, the manufacturing of PVC came into prominences. Builders and contractors in various industries were able to utilize this new material to create more efficiency with the work they did. Because of it’s versatility, stable owners and ranch owners began to create PVC horse fencing. Unlike wood, PVC horse fencing would not rot or decay due to the natural elements, and it was far more visible. Unfortunately, where PVC horse fencing gained ground in terms of versatility, it lost ground in terms of long term maintenance and safety.

There Are Better Options Out There For Equestrian Fencing

PVC horse fencing is prone to warp in extremely warm weather, and it becomes extremely brittle during the cold weather. In either case, this means that the structural integrity of the fence is compromised multiple times a year. If you’re a stable operator with PVC horse fencing, you need to regularly inspect the permanent, making sure that everything is intact, and that there aren’t any warped or shattered portions of the fence that horses could hurt themselves on. With such high maintenance requirements, it makes sense that someone like a ranch owner would want to find a new, better type of horse fencing.

Make Woodguard Horse Fencing A Part Of Your Business’ Success

Woodguard saw the very obvious gap in the horse fencing market, and decided to create a product that would not solve a lot of the problems people ran into with traditional wood or PVC horse fencing. Every post and rail is composed a treated lumber core, making it impervious to termites or rot. Then, for additional protection and functionality, we cover every piece with a unique, non-toxic polymer blend that won’t crack or break in extreme weather conditions. When you don’t need to worry about the integrity of your horse fencing, you can spend time and resources on other aspects of your business as you continue to expand.