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Is a Vinyl Horse Fence The Best Choice?

One of the most popular horse fencing options for farmers and stable operators is vinyl. It’s widely accessible from many large chain supply stores, and it’s extremely versatile, which is why so many people gravitate towards it. It can be cut, drilled, and installed however the property owner sees fit, and works well when installed with something like an electric horse fence. However, just by itself, a vinyl horse fence isn’t necessarily the best choice, since it weakens in cold weather, and the rails can pop out of place when put under too much pressure from horses.

Raising The Bar In Terms of Equine Fencing

If you’re serious about helping your horse based business grow, then you strongly need to consider the quality of the equine fencing material you’re using. The more traditional styles such as wood, PVC/vinyl, and even electric fence posts all have downsides that make them less than ideal choices.

Woodguard Horse Fencing Was Designed With The Business Owner In Mind

Finding a horse fencing material that offers strength, durability, and low maintenance costs means you can focus your attention on other facets of your business. This is why Woodguard researched and created the ultimate horse fencing solution. We’ve taken the best aspects of wood and vinyl horse fence materials, and fused them into a sustainable product that will last you for years to come. We back this promise up with a 20 year product guarantee so you can spend more time and money on growing your business.