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Playground Materials That Won’t Degrade

Woodguard provides highly durable wooden posts to manufacturers who build residential and commercial playgrounds, including KidWise Outdoor Products, Inc. and Swing-N-Slide, who build exceptional playsets that bring happiness to communities and residences nationwide. Unlike regular wood, our low maintenance products do not require regular upkeep to remain safe. Your consumers will never have to worry about painting, sanding, sealing, checking, splintering, or staining through the product’s life, and best of all, it stays looking great year after year. Every one of our products combines the strength of wood with the durability of plastic to create the most structural and sustainable product on the market. The solid wood core eliminates the need for added reinforcements and support. This makes our product perfect for developing playsets and swingsets on playgrounds. The engineered plastic coating adds an extra layer of safety that your consumers look for in great playground components. Using our low maintenance building materials, you can design playsets that families will trust.

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Jungle Gym Made from Plastic Coated Wood

Ensure Child Safety on Every Playground

In today’s park and recreation landscape, choosing low-maintenance and sustainable playground components is an absolute necessity for every playground manufacturer. Equipment that requires an excessive amount of maintenance can become ineffective and even dangerous if it isn’t cared for properly. Conventional lumber products can crumble, splinter, and develop rot that’s harmful to a child’s wellbeing. Playsets developed with steel may rust and requires constant greasing to maintain proper functionality. Less durable PVC products can pop out at a moment’s notice and increase the chance of injury on an unsuspecting child. Playsets that are built with low maintenance components last longer and do not require frequent treatments to remain functional, nor do they have any period of downtime for repairs. As an experienced developer of durable playground components, Woodguard is equipped with the resources available to provide your company with the supplies you need to construct playsets that will allow children to enjoy their playtime fully. For manufacturers striving to develop higher safety standards to ensure that children are well protected during playtime, Woodguard is the perfect solution for all of your playground manufacturing needs.

Build Your Reputation With Playsets That Won’t Rust or Rot

Choosing less durable products that rust or rot to construct a playset can increase the risk of injury for everyone who uses it. If children sustain injuries on a playset due to manufacturing problems, it will create distrust in your brand and decrease the amount of business you bring in. When you choose Woodguard’s lumber products to develop a new playset, you can feel confident in its ability to last in even the harshest environments. The strong wooden core, paired with the durable engineered plastic exterior will enhance your playsets and make them a better option for everyone to enjoy. It will leave families pleased and generate more business for your company.

Create An Image For Your Company

Manufacturers who focuses on safety above all else will generate a positive association with their products. Utilizing Woodguard’s polymer coated posts as a supplement to conventional wood railing will allow you to create outstanding playgrounds that will garner a lot of attention. We are the exclusive manufacturer of truly low maintenance lumber products. By working with us, you can construct well designed wooden playsets that will increase your success to new heights.

Build Better Communities and Residences

Exceptional playgrounds have a profound effect on the community and in homes. As a manufacturer of swing sets, you have the ability to make a difference in a neighborhood and make it a better place for everyone who lives there. Playgrounds that have great playsets provide a fun place to experience the outdoors for people of all ages. It also provides a number of great benefits that will enhance the way of life for the residents in the area, such as health and fitness opportunities, providing safe place where children can play, and much more!

Use Non-Toxic Playground Components

One of the biggest factors that concerns most families about wooden playgrounds are the chemicals used to treat the wood. Conventional wooden playsets are treated with chemicals that will give the lumber components a longer lifespan. These chemicals, however, can be hazardous to the wellbeing of the children who regularly play on the swing sets. Woodguard’s superior lumber components are treated with a patented non-toxic borate compound that offers optimal protection against the environment and keeps the children of your clients out of harm’s way. As an extra layer of protection, the swing set materials are covered with a durable engineered plastic coating that will protect children from the wood treatments because they will never come into contact with it.

Construct Playsets With Optimal Stability and Durability

The number one quality in every playground playset should be stability and durability. Woodguard is the only manufacturer of wooden playground components that are coated with ultratech UV ultra violet light blockers that provides superior protection from fading, peeling and cracking. Cracks in playground equipment may not compromise the durability of the lumber but to some families, it will look sketchy and contributes to the largest reason for returns for playground companies. Woodguard hides the wood from the moisture that causes unsightly cracks. It also prevents the deterioration of the polymer coat itself. Our exclusive blend of Woodguard CO-P2 combines two COPolymer Polyethylenes that create the toughest, most durable finish available. You don’t have to worry about your project breaking down in the cold, or under the pressure of children having a great time. Our coating will perform well under the most intense constraints and last for years to come.

Build Better Playgrounds With Reliable Building Materials

Woodguard has been in the business of providing high quality, wholesale, building materials to playground manufacturers throughout the nation for over 30 years. With our superior playground components, our partners have developed long lasting and durable hybrid wooden playsets that will be enjoyed for many years. We have the available resources to supply components with pre-drilled holes and the drilled posts per specifications that you need to build your swingsets and playsets. We are committed to providing a more cost effective and durable alternative to conventional wood, vinyl, steel, and concrete products that require no maintenance or painting. Even the most durable species of lumber deteriorate from insect exposure and dry rot decay. Woodguard’s lumber is treated with a non-toxic, inert borate compound to protect against these threats and is then coated with a UV stabilized engineered plastic blend that gives our hardwood its superior strength, lifespan, and durability. With Woodguard, you can ensure the safety of every child with our extremely durable playset materials. Your clients won’t have to worry about regular maintenance and your brand name will increase its credibility. You can feel confident in our product’s ability to withstand the harsh effects of the environment and maintain its great appearance for years to come.

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