Commercial Playgrounds

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Agriculture Fencing Made Out Of Lumber Wood

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Wooden Commercial Playgrounds

If you’re a playground manufacturer who specializes in wooden commercial playgrounds, you’ll need access to some excellent building materials. Finding supplies that are strong and sustainable can be a bit difficult but at Woodguard, we have the resources available to help you obtain exactly what you need. We have been the leading distributor of low maintenance supplies for constructing outstanding wood swing sets. Unlike the typical lumber products you may be used to using, Woodguard sets itself apart as a durable, low maintenance lumber component that will last for years. Through our unique process of fusing the strength of lumber with the durability of plastic, we have given birth to a superior product on every level. It cuts, saws, and drills exactly like wood, without the need for special tools.

Polymer Coated Wood Building Materials For Swing Sets

For over 30 years, we have been the exclusive manufacturer of polymer coated wood building materials for swing sets. The process we use to develop our lumber is unique and cannot be matched. Our polymer coated lumber is engineered with Ultratech UV ultra-violet light blockers that protects the plastic from fading and chipping. The coat guards the lumber core from the harsh environment and helps to prevent decay and dry rot. If any unexpected accidents do occur, then you’ll be covered with Woodguard’s 20 year warranty that offers free replacements and repairs.

Modifying Commercial Playgrounds With Low Maintenance Building Materials

All playgrounds can benefit from the use of low maintenance lumber to build wood swing sets. Using typical lumber products and metal means having to commit to regular maintenance that can cause downtime. By using Woodguard, you can give your clients confidence knowing they’ll be receiving low maintenance product that is designed to last for years.