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High-Quality Playset Materials

Are you a playground manufacturer in need of durable playset materials for safe wooden playsets for children? Locating supplies that offer optimal strength and long lasting sustainability can be difficult but at Woodguard, we have the resources to help you acquire exactly what you need. For over 30 years, we have been a leading provider of low maintenance supplies for constructing superior wooden playsets. Unlike conventional lumber products, Woodguard is a durable component that will last for years without having to perform constant maintenance. The long lasting durability is only made possible through our unique process of combining the structural integrity of lumber with the long lasting durability of plastic. We believe that playsets should be designed with safety as a priority and with our products, you can design safe playsets that parents will feel confident having their children play on.

Polymer Coated Wooden Playset Materials

Since 1978, we have been the exclusive provider of polymer coated lumber products for wooden playsets. Our process of developing durable lumber cannot be matched. Woodguard’s polymer coated lumber is produced with Ultratech UV ultra-violet light blockers that protects the plastic from fading or chipping. The exterior protects the lumber core from degrading and keeps everything looking great for years. Woodguard is guaranteed to last 20 years and we’ll even send you a free sample so you can experience it in person.

Making Playgrounds Better With Low Maintenance Playsets

Every playground can benefit from low maintenance playsets. Using conventional lumber products and metal means having to perform regular maintenance to maintain optimal functionality. With Woodguard, you can avoid downtime from making repairs, painting, or oiling. Your playset will remain in tact for years without having to commit too much time and money on maintenance.