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Choosing The Best Swing Set Materials

As a playground manufacturer, you should think about the safety of children with every play set design. Child safety on playgrounds is extremely important and it is highly dependent upon the materials you use to construct a project. Using typical lumber products on playgrounds can be hazardous because wood exposed to the harsh effects of the environment will begin to deteriorate over time. If you use metal building materials, they will begin to rust and lose functionality. Unlike other swing set materials, Woodguard is a great choice for building wood swing sets that will last for years. Our innovative lumber products are built with the strength and wood and the durability of plastic. The plastic coat will keep the wood protected from moisture and the exterior will never crack or peel. With Woodguard, your playsets will set a standard for child safety and increase your reputation as a reliable playground manufacturer.

Durable Wooden Swing Set Materials

At Woodguard, we proudly provide playground manufacturers the most durable wooden building materials available. The lumber core makes each component sturdy and the plastic exterior protects the product from deteriorating. The result is a structural material that is capable of creating swing sets that will last for years without regular maintenance requirements.

Building A Community With Safe Swing Sets

We take pride in providing playground manufacturers the materials they need to build safe wood swing sets. When you build exceptional playground equipment, you give families a place to come together and have fun. You can help build the community and increase awareness for your company.