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Agriculture Fencing Made Out Of Lumber Wood

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Durable Wooden Posts For Swing Sets

As a playground manufacturer, you should select every component used to build your swing sets with the highest attention to detail and care. The components you use can make or break the quality of your structure and lead to constant returns and poor brand recognition. Using conventional lumber products that crack, rot, and degrade, will degrade your relationship with your clients and lead to less business. As an alternative to typical wood, we suggest you utilize Woodguard. As the leading manufacturer or low maintenance lumber products, we understand exactly what you need to build the best wood swing sets possible. Our groundbreaking lumber products are built with the strength of wood and the durability of plastic. The engineered plastic exterior will protect the wood from moisture and other harmful elements. By using Woodguard, you’ll set a new standard for high quality playgrounds and enhance your reputation.

High Quality Wooden Posts For Swing Sets

At Woodguard, we believe in helping manufacturers in the best way we know how. We proudly supply the high quality wooden posts manufacturers need to build the best, low maintenance swing sets possible. The wood core keeps every component sturdy and the polymer exterior protects the wood from deteriorating. The result of this combination is a structural material that is capable of forging wood swing sets that will last for years without long periods of downtime.

Building Better Neighborhoods With Safe Swing Sets

We’re proud to help playground manufacturers like you acquire the materials you need to build exceptional playground equipment that’s safe and secure. When you use high quality building materials to bring your designs to life, you’ll enhance your swing sets on every level. You’ll help build better neighborhoods and increase the awareness of your company.